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Geico: the Gecko, and the Cavemen

Geico has two advertising themes:  the Gecko, and the Cavemen.  Originally the cavemen were used for fun using the saying “so easy a caveman can do it”.  It was funny and unexpected.  But then they changed to focusing on the cavemen and their being upset with Geico.  And in the process, they lost the point – that Geico is easy to use;  lost the humor of using the comparison only to find out that cavemen were still around; and created a new form of bigotry..surprisingly enough…against cavemen.  The use of the cavemen was a gag joke that worked.  Gag jokes aren’t often good ideas for making a point, but these worked.  Usually the gag overshadows or eliminates entirely the product  being advertised. Now the cavemen commercials are uncomfortable, not funny, and using bigotry as a means for carrying the product message.   More than gag humor, bigotry has to be one of the worst ideas for trying to bring in customers. Message to Geico:  Drop the cavemen and try to remember that your point was to sell Geico insurance not convince the public that cavemen are stupid. Geico – for choosing bigotry over product marketing <p style=”text-align:center;”><strong>GEICO MISSED IT BY THAT MUCH</strong></p>

For Advertisements that Should….Get Smart!

Advertising and marketing is amazing.  Billions spent mostly on ads no one pays attention to, and no one remembers.  Most fall into the “beers and chips” category.  You know,  “Hey, a commercial, I need another beer and more chips – let me know when the show comes back on.”

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