A Dog and a Dew

Who missed the Dog Dew connection when they approved this???


Once again I have to wonder….WHO approved this?  Seriously.   Do you really want people ordering a Dog Dew combo?  Mountain Dew has had a lot of clever and fun ads…but this one should have been tossed where dog do usually goes – on the trash pile.

Again, I get that any publicity can end up being positive.   But just how negative can an association be between things before subconsciously people start avoiding that product.

A lot of obvious nicknames and similar slogans come to mind:  ‘Poop a Dew’,  “Dew Doody’, among others.  And don’t even get me started on the sexual references that this combo brings to mind.

Here’s an idea.  If you want to stick to this line of advertising and marketing – here’s your next slogan:  “Dogs do Dew too!  Do you?”

So Mountain Dew, for the most unpalatable ad in a long time, the Missed It By That Much award is yours.


Cats! Fresh Cats and Kittens! Get ’em While They Are Hot!

“Nailed It” award goes to the Winnipeg Humane Society

Their new campaign to increase cat adoptions is creative, fun, funny, and engaging.   And, we hope, effective. Almost made me want to drive to Winnipeg to adopt one of their cats.  Except…I’m sure we have plenty right here.

Be sure to check out their buy one, get five free special!

View it.  Share it.  And go get a shelter cat.  Coming to a shelter near you.


Definitely Not Mr. Belvedere!


Belvedere Vodka flubbed it big time.  How anyone could have looked at that ad and approved it for publication is anyone’s guess.  Let’s see, okay, the vodka goes down smoothly.  BUT WAIT!  They show a woman refusing to ‘go down’ at a man’s demand.   He is grabbing her.  She is frightened.  Okay….wait….how is that supposed to make me think their vodka is smooth?  How is that supposed to make me think of the vodka at all??  Oh yeah…I am thinking of it.  So are a lot of people.  And in advertising any publicity is considered good publicity because we, the unsuspecting masses, never remember that an ad was bad.  We just remember that we have heard of that product before..so since we have heard of it…it must be good, right?  So if you found this ad offensive you need to stop right now and repeat at least ten times “Bad Belvedere”.    Then you might remember what you heard about it.

So, for offensiveness, lack of understanding of how to treat women, inability to ‘get it’ even after public outrage was directed at them, and for approving this ad, Belvedere vodka AND its ad agency get the award:

Missed It By That Much!

“Where’s the beef?” Superstar

Wendy’s fast food restaurant had a mega superstar with the little old lady who kept asking “Where’s the beef?”  about every other fast food restaurant’s hamburgers.



Plop Plop. Fizz Fizz – Superstar

Alka  Seltzer.  Of all things.  A stomach acid medicine.  Had one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever.


Here’s a link to hear Sammy Davis Jr. singing it.

The Egg McMuffin of Ads

Sometimes an ad should just fail, and doesn’t.  McDonald’s new ad campaign comparing anything great to being ‘the egg mcmuffin’ of it’s category.  Such as “Wow, that song was the Egg McMuffin of rock!”   I laughed when I saw this commercial.  No really.  Not in derision.  It made me laugh for real.

And then, this morning I knew McDonald’s had a winner.   I was taking my  15 year old daughter to school and we stopped (not at McDonald’s) to get a breakfast sandwich to eat on the way.   Turkey sausage and eggwhite scrambled egg.   My daughter commented on how great her sandwich was and in a moment that makes marketers weep with joy, we looked at each other and said “You mean it’s the Egg McMuffin of breakfast sandwiches!”  Ironic since we were eating someone else’s breakfast sandwich.  But the point was, the ad had not only stuck in our head, but we used it in a similar context.

This shouldn’t have worked.  But, most of the best ads fall into that category.  So McDonald’s, you nailed it!

Stinky Stinky Stinky

Stinky!  Stinky!  Stinky!  Hefty!  Hefty!  Hefty!

That’s the audio for a new Hefty trash bag commercial.  Wow.  Do they really want that association?  Everytime I think of Hefty I should think stinky?  I get the point.  Hefty takes care of the worst trash.  But that commercial is so obnoxious that we mute it when it comes on.  And guess what Hefty folks?  If we muted it, we aren’t watching it either.  Auditory memories are strong.  You just associated your product with an extremely negative auditory memory.  Wise up.  When people go shopping for trash bags they don’t buy the one they have a negative association with.

For coming up with the worst possible association for a trash bag, Hefty gets the “Missed It By That Much” Award

Geico: the Gecko, and the Cavemen

Geico has two advertising themes:  the Gecko, and the Cavemen.  Originally the cavemen were used for fun using the saying “so easy a caveman can do it”.  It was funny and unexpected.  But then they changed to focusing on the cavemen and their being upset with Geico.  And in the process, they lost the point – that Geico is easy to use;  lost the humor of using the comparison only to find out that cavemen were still around; and created a new form of bigotry..surprisingly enough…against cavemen.  The use of the cavemen was a gag joke that worked.  Gag jokes aren’t often good ideas for making a point, but these worked.  Usually the gag overshadows or eliminates entirely the product  being advertised. Now the cavemen commercials are uncomfortable, not funny, and using bigotry as a means for carrying the product message.   More than gag humor, bigotry has to be one of the worst ideas for trying to bring in customers. Message to Geico:  Drop the cavemen and try to remember that your point was to sell Geico insurance not convince the public that cavemen are stupid. Geico – for choosing bigotry over product marketing <p style=”text-align:center;”><strong>GEICO MISSED IT BY THAT MUCH</strong></p>

For Advertisements that Should….Get Smart!

Advertising and marketing is amazing.  Billions spent mostly on ads no one pays attention to, and no one remembers.  Most fall into the “beers and chips” category.  You know,  “Hey, a commercial, I need another beer and more chips – let me know when the show comes back on.”

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