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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – Pepsi Ad Against Coke

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Missed It

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing – Missed It

I put this in the missed it column.  It is funny.  It is clever. But with both names prominently displayed it will be hard for the message to be remembered.  Will the coke cape be remembered as a hero’s cape?  The cape is almost completely hiding Pepsi.   That lends itself to the idea that Coke is the victor.  Swallowing up Pepsi.    The Pepsi logo in the bottom right doesn’t draw enough attention to alter these possible views.  Hats off to Pepsi for being creative and funny but it needed rethinking.  The Coke cape shouldn’t have shown the entire Coke logo.  The Pepsi logo should have been stronger.  Ah well.


Viagra Ad – Missed It By Being Too Publicly Personal

Viagra Ad - Missed It By Being Too Publicly Personal

Viagra made this clever ad. Apparently it is in a public place. It’s funny. But at least in the United States, most people are not going to want to turn the light on or off by grabbing his junk – at least not in front of other people. So, this light switch is destined to be a dusty unused, deliberately ignored embarrassment.

For Advertisements that Should….Get Smart!

Advertising and marketing is amazing.  Billions spent mostly on ads no one pays attention to, and no one remembers.  Most fall into the “beers and chips” category.  You know,  “Hey, a commercial, I need another beer and more chips – let me know when the show comes back on.”

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