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Pepsi Revives No Matter How ‘Dead’ You Feel

Wonder how this will effect the ZomPoc?

Wonder how this will effect the ZomPoc?

Now this is perfect.  Pepsi is so powerful that it can revive even a dead person.  I do wonder how this will impact the ZomPoc?  Is this maybe how it all gets started?  Someone spilled a Pepsi over a grave and voila!  Zombie Apocalypse!

The product name is prominent.  The image is engaging and memorable.  It isn’t offensive (except to a very very small percentage of  viewers).  It is funny.

Well done Pepsi!  Nailed it!


I Admit

Okay, with the American football Superbowl just past us again, I have to admit to my absolute hands down favorites of ads.  I am a sucker for Clydesdales.  If I won the lottery I would have a bunch of them.  And so…Budweiser gets my  vote for BEST. ADS. EVER.  I love their ads with their Clydesdales.  And the Superbowl ads of the horses being friends with a puppy and rescuing him….it doesn’t get any better.  It’s adorable.  Puppies.  Horses. Kindness. Love. Friendship.  I watch them over and over.  If they come on during a show, I stay and watch them instead of going for snacks.  Whoever does their ads definitely knows what they are doing.

For the best ads ever.   Budweiser you get the NAILED IT! award.

Here’s a link to their ads.  Go ahead.  Watch them.  You’ll feel good.

Featured image

Believe It or Not..A Tampon Ad That is WOW! – Congrats O.B.

I hope this link works still.  This is worth seeing.

Now, I’m beyond the need, so I was unaware that  O.B. had to take its Ultra tampons off the market.  This has got to be the greatest product apology ever.  Maybe the greatest apology of any type ever.

Not only is the apology stellar.  This is fun.  Imagine that.  An apology that is fun.  Try it with different names.  Kudos to the programmers that created it.

N.B.  At the end there was a coupon.  This is no longer available.

O.B….for creating the best product apology ad ever…you win the NAILED IT! award.

Cats! Fresh Cats and Kittens! Get ’em While They Are Hot!

“Nailed It” award goes to the Winnipeg Humane Society

Their new campaign to increase cat adoptions is creative, fun, funny, and engaging.   And, we hope, effective. Almost made me want to drive to Winnipeg to adopt one of their cats.  Except…I’m sure we have plenty right here.

Be sure to check out their buy one, get five free special!

View it.  Share it.  And go get a shelter cat.  Coming to a shelter near you.

“Where’s the beef?” Superstar

Wendy’s fast food restaurant had a mega superstar with the little old lady who kept asking “Where’s the beef?”  about every other fast food restaurant’s hamburgers.



Plop Plop. Fizz Fizz – Superstar

Alka  Seltzer.  Of all things.  A stomach acid medicine.  Had one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever.


Here’s a link to hear Sammy Davis Jr. singing it.

The Egg McMuffin of Ads

Sometimes an ad should just fail, and doesn’t.  McDonald’s new ad campaign comparing anything great to being ‘the egg mcmuffin’ of it’s category.  Such as “Wow, that song was the Egg McMuffin of rock!”   I laughed when I saw this commercial.  No really.  Not in derision.  It made me laugh for real.

And then, this morning I knew McDonald’s had a winner.   I was taking my  15 year old daughter to school and we stopped (not at McDonald’s) to get a breakfast sandwich to eat on the way.   Turkey sausage and eggwhite scrambled egg.   My daughter commented on how great her sandwich was and in a moment that makes marketers weep with joy, we looked at each other and said “You mean it’s the Egg McMuffin of breakfast sandwiches!”  Ironic since we were eating someone else’s breakfast sandwich.  But the point was, the ad had not only stuck in our head, but we used it in a similar context.

This shouldn’t have worked.  But, most of the best ads fall into that category.  So McDonald’s, you nailed it!

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