Definitely Not Mr. Belvedere!


Belvedere Vodka flubbed it big time.  How anyone could have looked at that ad and approved it for publication is anyone’s guess.  Let’s see, okay, the vodka goes down smoothly.  BUT WAIT!  They show a woman refusing to ‘go down’ at a man’s demand.   He is grabbing her.  She is frightened.  Okay….wait….how is that supposed to make me think their vodka is smooth?  How is that supposed to make me think of the vodka at all??  Oh yeah…I am thinking of it.  So are a lot of people.  And in advertising any publicity is considered good publicity because we, the unsuspecting masses, never remember that an ad was bad.  We just remember that we have heard of that product since we have heard of it…it must be good, right?  So if you found this ad offensive you need to stop right now and repeat at least ten times “Bad Belvedere”.    Then you might remember what you heard about it.

So, for offensiveness, lack of understanding of how to treat women, inability to ‘get it’ even after public outrage was directed at them, and for approving this ad, Belvedere vodka AND its ad agency get the award:

Missed It By That Much!


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