The Egg McMuffin of Ads

Sometimes an ad should just fail, and doesn’t.  McDonald’s new ad campaign comparing anything great to being ‘the egg mcmuffin’ of it’s category.  Such as “Wow, that song was the Egg McMuffin of rock!”   I laughed when I saw this commercial.  No really.  Not in derision.  It made me laugh for real.

And then, this morning I knew McDonald’s had a winner.   I was taking my  15 year old daughter to school and we stopped (not at McDonald’s) to get a breakfast sandwich to eat on the way.   Turkey sausage and eggwhite scrambled egg.   My daughter commented on how great her sandwich was and in a moment that makes marketers weep with joy, we looked at each other and said “You mean it’s the Egg McMuffin of breakfast sandwiches!”  Ironic since we were eating someone else’s breakfast sandwich.  But the point was, the ad had not only stuck in our head, but we used it in a similar context.

This shouldn’t have worked.  But, most of the best ads fall into that category.  So McDonald’s, you nailed it!


About Cilla

I'm quirky, often too serious, but love to laugh.

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