Pepsi Revives No Matter How ‘Dead’ You Feel

Wonder how this will effect the ZomPoc?

Wonder how this will effect the ZomPoc?

Now this is perfect.  Pepsi is so powerful that it can revive even a dead person.  I do wonder how this will impact the ZomPoc?  Is this maybe how it all gets started?  Someone spilled a Pepsi over a grave and voila!  Zombie Apocalypse!

The product name is prominent.  The image is engaging and memorable.  It isn’t offensive (except to a very very small percentage of  viewers).  It is funny.

Well done Pepsi!  Nailed it!


Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – Pepsi Ad Against Coke

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Missed It

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing – Missed It

I put this in the missed it column.  It is funny.  It is clever. But with both names prominently displayed it will be hard for the message to be remembered.  Will the coke cape be remembered as a hero’s cape?  The cape is almost completely hiding Pepsi.   That lends itself to the idea that Coke is the victor.  Swallowing up Pepsi.    The Pepsi logo in the bottom right doesn’t draw enough attention to alter these possible views.  Hats off to Pepsi for being creative and funny but it needed rethinking.  The Coke cape shouldn’t have shown the entire Coke logo.  The Pepsi logo should have been stronger.  Ah well.

I Admit

Okay, with the American football Superbowl just past us again, I have to admit to my absolute hands down favorites of ads.  I am a sucker for Clydesdales.  If I won the lottery I would have a bunch of them.  And so…Budweiser gets my  vote for BEST. ADS. EVER.  I love their ads with their Clydesdales.  And the Superbowl ads of the horses being friends with a puppy and rescuing him….it doesn’t get any better.  It’s adorable.  Puppies.  Horses. Kindness. Love. Friendship.  I watch them over and over.  If they come on during a show, I stay and watch them instead of going for snacks.  Whoever does their ads definitely knows what they are doing.

For the best ads ever.   Budweiser you get the NAILED IT! award.

Here’s a link to their ads.  Go ahead.  Watch them.  You’ll feel good.

Featured image

Viagra Ad – Missed It By Being Too Publicly Personal

Viagra Ad - Missed It By Being Too Publicly Personal

Viagra made this clever ad. Apparently it is in a public place. It’s funny. But at least in the United States, most people are not going to want to turn the light on or off by grabbing his junk – at least not in front of other people. So, this light switch is destined to be a dusty unused, deliberately ignored embarrassment.

McDonald’s In The Rain – Missed It!

McDonald's In The Rain - Missed It!

Husk vi også servere tørvejr – this Danish ad says to remember that McDonald’s also serves in dry weather. So…we pair a miserable day, and a woman who looks totally miserable with a product you want people to feel good about. MISSED IT

Anti-Fat Ad -French Ministry of Health – MISSED IT!

Anti-Fat Ad -French Ministry of Health - MISSED IT!

Missed It By That Much

Face it France. People turn away from things that gross them out. How many overweight people report feeling invisible a lot of the time because the world shuts them out. This doesn’t make someone want to lose weight. It just makes them turn the page.

Colon Cancer Screening – Missed It By That much

Colon Cancer Canada 50 ad

Colon cancer screening is critical but this ad looks more like it is promoting losing weight and you won’t get colon cancer. Giving people one more reason to avoid getting screened. Definitely missed it with this one. Too bad Canada.

Hair Removal Ad – Grossing Out the Buyers

Hair Removal Ad - Grossing Out the Buyers

Missed It By That Much!
The idea is obviously that the hair removal product is so easy and so effective that this man’s chest rug comes right off. But the alluding to skin pulling away from the body is too gross for words. Skinning this man alive – even if only a layer or two of his skin – is an image that probably doesn’t make most people think “oooo! great product”. And those that do think that..maybe are good folks to be your customers.

If I Ran the Zoo – Colon Cancer Awareness

I spent ten years convincing people to get screened for colon cancer.  So now, slogans pop into my head a lot.  I used to argue that getting people to get screened wasn’t as hard as the medical community believed.  Make people laugh and you can discuss anything.

Here are some of my ideas for promoting screening.

  • Moon a Doc
  • The End Begins With You
  • Butts Up

Believe It or Not..A Tampon Ad That is WOW! – Congrats O.B.

I hope this link works still.  This is worth seeing.

Now, I’m beyond the need, so I was unaware that  O.B. had to take its Ultra tampons off the market.  This has got to be the greatest product apology ever.  Maybe the greatest apology of any type ever.

Not only is the apology stellar.  This is fun.  Imagine that.  An apology that is fun.  Try it with different names.  Kudos to the programmers that created it.

N.B.  At the end there was a coupon.  This is no longer available.

O.B….for creating the best product apology ad ever…you win the NAILED IT! award.

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